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From Author: “I took my first photo using ZENIT EM camera long ago while still in my childhood.

Since then I was experimenting continuously, shooting my friends, nature and different events. As I obtained high-quality equipment, I started moving into professional photography. In my work now I am using professional Canon digital photo equipment.

I made my first steps into wedding genre in 2005 and it has become one of my favorites since then. Every wedding was inimitable and unique in its own way. New people and their emotions, terms of shooting, atmosphere of the celebration have become the inalienable constituents of the individual approach to every event.

I try to take pictures unnoticed during the events not to interfere in the course of the events. Therefore people in the pictures are natural, not embarrassed due to the presence of a photographer. I do not like standard, conventional pictures, as they do not show feelings, emotions and individuality of a particular person.

I get the greatest satisfaction from my work seeing the happiness in the faces of people as they are going through end result photos!

I always take pictures for the sake of good result!”

Photographer Marat Grishin is one artistic individual who is constantly striving his utmost to become better and better in all aspects of his live.

Every day is a new step in achieving one most desired dream – to be happy and to share this happiness with surrounding people. Love for photography manifested since childhood when parents allowed photographing them with Zenit EM.

In adolescence, continued on experimenting with photo techniques, photographing nature, views of the city, people.

In 2005 began his professional career as reporter and wedding photographer. Every year accumulated knowledge and experience to improve the technique. Photos of city and nature are used for the Latvian calendars.

Since 2009, reportage photography is being published in the Latvian magazine L’Officiel and on the Intelligent.lv portal.

In 2010 finished third in the wedding photographers Baltic contest. Has opened studio and developed new directions – studio photography, advertising photography, subject photography, photography of food, model portfolio. Became a member of Latvian Association of Wedding Photographers - LKFA. 

In 2011 photographed the Russian pop-stars for the magazine ”ОК” together with the cosmetics company Clarins. He was invited to photograph a report in Oslo on May 17 - “Constitution Day of Norway”.

Photographed for clients such as Magazine L’Officiel, AirBaltic, Magazine ОК, Magazine Forbes, Альянс Марин, Gallery Park Hotel, Albert Hotel, Riga Fashion Week, Neoklasika, Riga Rent, Riga Jewish Community, FJC Travel, 7 sky. Photography of interiors and objects for Agora JK, Aplast, Albert Hotel, Vide Infra Grupa. Design and photography for web sites www.naturalhoneyjuices.com, www.royal-berry.com

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